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2017/18 video series examining the credibility of some high profile claims of online abuse and how they can be exploited for political purposes, to stifle debate and justify state censorship online.

Virtual Abuse - An Overview.

An analysis of three years of extraordinary headlines about torrents of abuse, rape and even death threats tweeted to a Member of Parliament.

A short history of Yvette Cooper's efforts to claim the internet for the patriarchy.

Considering the phenomenon of dogpiling via the examination of two incidents involving science educator & TV pundit Dr Emily Grossman.

Examining the available data on online abuse and considering how subjective reporting can be employed to promote political narratives and the manipulation of online public spaces.

Considering two major challenges for feminism in the digital networked age and why they may be so motivated to reclaim the internet from the garbage humans.

Considering why so many people in the legacy media are so prepared to play along with misleading and easily debunkable fake news headline.

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