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A series of video essays examining the intersection between science fiction and themes, tropes & transgressions  relevant to concepts of sexism & social justice. 

It's A Shame About Rey

An analysis of Rian Johnson's problematic contribution to the Star Wars cannon, the divided reaction to Lucas Film's embrace of diversity and social justice tropes and a closer examination of the one dimensional, stereotypical, tokenistic and downright terrible female characters in the new saga.

The Doctor Who Fell To Earth

Considering the credibility of complaints that Doctor Who has been culturally appropriated by political ideologues and corporate bean counters more concerned with diversity targets and pushing perceived ‘politically correct’ perspectives than they are with spinning anything remotely close to a half decent yarn.

Three Ways A Feminist Thought The World Would End

Video essay about the end of the world and James Tiptree Jnr, who is regarded as one of the most important feminist science fiction writers of all time.

Years & Years of Project Fear

A look at Russell T Davies's BBC box-ticking nightmare vision of a post-Brexit Britain, starring Emma Thompson as Nigel Farage and Rory Kinnear as Toxic Masculinity.

Not All Twilight Zones

A brief trip to the woke Twilight Zone

The Ballad Of Homeless Harry

Considering evidence of sex stereotyping in HBO's Game of Thrones and characters who are seen but very rarely heard.

The Doctor Who Feminist Front

An extremely unlikely conspiracy theory that might just explain how the BBC and Chris Chibnall came to press the self-destruct button on Doctor Who just quite as hard as they did.

Invasion of the Identarians

Artist & Author Alexander Adams discusses the signifiers and stages of cultural entryism and how they apply to the ideological invasion of Doctor Who.

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