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January 2022



Welcome to the first of what will be an occasional subscriber newsletter to keep you posted on any significant Blind Spot related developments and reward your support with exclusive bonus content.

As you may be aware, I recently found myself in a disciplinary situation with my employer after a self identifying feminist troll gave them a call and whispered all sorts of toxic lies into their ears. Not just any ears either, she went directly for the ears of a Manager they suspected might have motive to get me in the long grass (so to speak).

My employer subsequently opted to repeat their allegations, put them in writing and conduct a formal investigation into them. They alleged that my content was in direct conflict with their mission to combat discrimination and promote equality and it remains unclear to me as to how and why.

After a two month process, I've been told that they will not be taking disciplinary action against me. It's possible they may still try and get me to shut down my project and I have to decide if it will be necessary for me to take additional actions to defend myself and my rights. Thankfully though this nightmare is (hopefully) almost over and I can soon return my focus to pointing at elephants.

I'll say more about this experience in time and you can expect to see new content very soon. And in the meantime....


Press on the button above to access bonus content that I made especially for this dispatch.

Stick your headphones on, kick back and let me know what you think.

People keep telling me that my audio levels can be all over the place so I'm trying to improve in this area.


This audio only track will also give you a bit of sneak preview at the direction I'll be taking for one of my main projects this year.



Deborah Powney (aka @Firebird_Psych) has kindly agreed to step in and curate a very special season of content in my absence. 

It will include the launch of her exciting new series Woozle Watch and the focus for the month of February will be to help promote an important new campaign spearheaded by Split The Difference.

More details coming very soon. I really hope you will all step up and support what I think could be a genuinely ground breaking initiative.




Hopefully 2022 is the year we say good riddance to the  'new normal'. These two videos from last summer didn't stay up on YouTube very long so in case you missed them.

BEST OF 2021

Chat soon and for now I'll leave you with a reminder of three of the best from 2021.
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