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Complaint to OFCOM: Dispatches


I'm following up on my query about a Ch4 Dispatches documentary broadcast in July. I have been following broadcast bulletins for any indication of how OFCOM will be responding to the 550+ complaints received post broadcast and as far as I am aware no significant progress has occurred.

Would it be possible to confirm if these two developments indicate that OFCOM will not be conducting a formal investigation?

I have submitted this as a complaint via your website (in relation to what i believe are ongoing violations via on demand delivery). I have also included this below and would be grateful if you would forward it to the person responsible for assessing the 550+ existing complaints.

Many thanks,


NOTE: Summary of the 5 main ways I believe Channel 4 and Candour Productions breached OFCOM's broadcasting code:

1. Depiction of midnight police raid: My presentation includes testimony from two Family Law Barristers (each 20 years experience) and an Attachment Psychologist (with experience of FC court instructed removals) who all point to the broadcast depiction being misrepresentative and misleading.

2. Portrayal of / inconsistent & misleading narratives about 'expert witnesses': The programme favorably depicted footage of a protest by The Court Said involving speeches by two convicted child abusers. By contrast experts / case law and substantial research on Parental Alienation were rubbished. Presentation also includes testimony that PA expert witnesses were reluctant to take part due to abuse campaigns and online trolling from campaigners including the co-ordinator of the court said.

3. One sided portrayal of false allegation phenomenon: A central thesis of the programme narrative was the allegation that fathers sometimes make false claims about abuse by mothers in family court disputes. By contrast no acknowledgement was made concerning the view that mothers can make false allegations against fathers, especially as this is now a qualification requirement for access to legal aid.

4. Portrayal of Victims of Parental Alienation: Parental alienation was portrayed as an extremely rare phenomenon and the programme did not include the perspective of one single victim of PA (female or male).

5. Portrayal of fathers in family court disputes: The narrative was extremely biased against fathers who make up 95% of parents not awarded primary custody of their children in family court disputes. All four case studies featured involved an alleged female victim and alleged male perpetrator. When the court of appeal cases featured are also taken into account this imbalance is doubled.

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