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#ASimpleQuestion for your MP

Dear [Name],

The UK Government have insisted that we #stayathomesavelives and the Home Office tell us #YouAreNotAlone if experiencing domestic violence, so I am writing to ask you what happens when a man calls the National Domestic Abuse Helpline?

I believe that this is #ASimpleQuestion and an important one which merits a straight answer. And yet Deborah Powney has been asking this question for three weeks in a row and to date both the Home Office and Refuge have ignored her.

To date the question has also been put to: The Home Secretary, The Minister for Safeguarding, The Minister for Women & Equalities, The Domestic Abuse Commissioner, The Victims Commissioner, The London Victims Commissioner, The Shadow Minister for Domestic Violence, The Chair of the All Party Working Group on Domestic Violence and every single MP sitting on the Cross Party Parliamentary Committees on Home Affairs; Justice; and Women and Equalities.

Why the wall of silence?

I would ask you to please answer the following questions:

1. Do you know what actions Parliament has taken to ensure that all victims of domestic

abuse receive the help they need during this unprecedented lockdown, including access

to emergency accommodation?

2. Are you satisfied that these actions do not discriminate against or cause detriment to

individuals based on their sex, race, creed or any other protected characteristic?

3. Do you know what happens when a man calls the National Domestic Violence Helpline?

Thank you in advance for taking the time to answer these questions and for supporting all victims of domestic violence in need of help.



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