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February 2022




If you missed Firebird Psychologist Deborah Powney's excellent presentation to the 2021 International Conference on Men's Issues then you're in for a real treat because it's available to watch in this dispatch.
It was written in partnership with Split the Difference who have just launched a campaign calling for strategies to tackle intimate violence experienced by boys and men throughout the UK and Ireland.

The Campaign begins with a call on the Northern Ireland Executive to develop a male victims strategy to complement their proposed new gender specific strategy to support female victims. 
This is a really important campaign that I truly believe can and will succeed, so I'm asking all subscribers to the Glass BlindSpot to please show your support.


MIVS (14).png

Boys And Men Strategy For Northern Ireland

Join The Campaign 


Find out how to show your support:

Campaign Supporter Brief


Read: The Case for a Strategy in Northern Ireland

What Happens When Someone Calls The National Domestic Violence Helpline (3).png


Watch the post presentation Q&A session with Deborah Powney, Sally-Anne Burris, Mike Buchanan and Terry White

Follow The Campaign:
#BAMS4NI  @SplitTheDiffer2   #BAMS4UK 

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