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The Glass Blind Spot

This is a great place to add a tagline.

The ‘glass blind spot’ describes the phenomenon where people consciously or unconsciously ignore information relevant to a conversation or debate because it would significantly undermine or detract from their preferred narrative.


It's also the name of a video channel available to view on YouTube and Bitchute.


We all have our personal prejudices or blind spots but a glass blind spot is so big that an elephant could hide in it.

And the purpose of this channel is to point at those elephants.  And disinfect them with daylight.

They could be any sort of elephant so long as they are big enough but principally we aim to point at the sort of elephants that often exist in the intersection between notions of social identity and public forums of political discourse, most particularly notions of free speech and equality of opportunity or outcome for and between women and men.


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And if you see an elephant...

Point at it.